Charn Khurmi Jewelry Designer Mystic Earth Gems


Charn has the mission to select the highest quality stones and craft them into pieces of healing art so their customers can receive as much benefit and joy from their jewelry as possible.

His love for nature inspired him to use precious and semi precious stones in each piece he creates. By taking into consideration the stones quality and unique characteristics, Charn creates one of a kind pieces that showcase his metal working talents and the natural beauty of each hand selected stone.


Born from a Legacy, Crafted with Love

Mystic Earth Gems isn't just a jewelry brand, it's a family tradition. Founded in 2009, Charn Khurmi, a third-generation goldsmith and silversmith, pours his heritage into every piece. Inspired by his love for nature, Charn creates exquisite gemstone jewelry that's as unique as you are.

Ethically Sourced, Exquisite Beauty

Charn travels the globe, hand-selecting the finest precious and semi-precious stones. Each stone is meticulously chosen for its quality and one-of-a-kind characteristics. The result breathtaking jewelry that celebrates the natural world and the artistry of human hands.

Fair Trade, Crafted with Care

Believing in ethical practices, Charn collaborates with a small group of young artisans in India. Together, they transform these natural treasures into finely crafted pieces, ensuring fair treatment and exceptional quality.

A Touch of Magic for Everyone

Currently crafted in sterling silver, Mystic Earth Gems can also be created in gold upon request. This way, you can find a piece that perfectly complements your style and ignites your spirit.

Embrace the brilliance of nature, experience the art of tradition. Discover Mystic Earth Gems today.

Disclaimer: Due to variations in lighting and monitor settings, product colors may differ slightly.


  • 1. Gemstone Selection

    Charn, a skillful goldsmith and silversmith carefully chooses stones & designs before hand-crafting by ethical and traditional techniques.

  • 2. Handcrafted Jewelry

    Each piece is then handmade and set in Sterling Silver 925 to give top quality to the clients for their utmost satisfaction.

  • 3. Final Product

    The skill of stone-setting is a final process where gems are added to the precious metals giving the perfect look to the crafted product.

  • 4. Finished Quality

    Each crafted piece is then carefully regulated under strict quality-control process and completed to enhance its basic natural beauty.